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Three Legged Dog Never Gives Up

Scotty, dog rescued by Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE)

Scotty limped through the front door.

He'd gotten into trouble. Trouble won.

A puncture on his face. A broken leg. A broken hip.

He's in a foster home now, learning what it means to be loved, something he may have never experienced before.

Scotty needed medical care quickly or he would suffer complications with his face, back and other leg.

Scotty still has an outstanding veterinary bill of $760, which includes a generous discount from our veterinary partner, Dr. Michael Neal at Paris Veterinary Clinic.

Your tax-deductible donation today will go immediately to cover the work that it took to put Scotty back together again.

Your support couldn't be needed more.

Your gift will provide surgery, medicine, and food for Scotty and dozens of other animals in need.

Be a hero in Scotty's story. Make your gift today.


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