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Adopt a cat from Rural Animal Rescue Eff

Cats and Kittens

Find your purrfect match among our cuddly cats and kittens for adoption in Greater Nashville, TN. All come spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and FeLv/FIV tested. Explore profiles below and start the adoption with our Cat Adoption Interest Form. Learn about the adoption process.

Rescued Cats and kittens

Many of the animals on this page were rescued. Due to situations of abuse or neglect, as well as natural disasters. RARE also rescues pets facing euthanasia in rural animal shelters. 

Cat and Kitten Adoption Fees

Adoption fees help to provide the rescue, vetting and care. They also help to cover treatments of ailments that many animals need in order to be available for adoption. Because adoption fees vary by animal, please check each animal profile for their specific fee.

Rural Animal Rescue Effort is a non-profit with no government funding. Because of this, RARE relies on adoption fees and donations.

The Cost of Cat and Kitten Ownership

Understand that adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment to that animal and there will be veterinary expenses throughout their life. For instance, annual checkups, preventative care, and emergencies can often cost several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars (especially without pet insurance). Additionally, there will be expenses such as pet food, collar, toys, and other items.

Refunds of Adoption Fees with Cats and Kittens

Refunds of adoption fees are granted as long as the animal is returned within the 30 day trial period. In the event that an adoptable animal is returned, there are two options. Firstly, you have the option of meeting and starting a trial with a different animal. Secondly, your adoption fee may be refunded, less a nominal fee for incidentals.

Animals Need Your Support Today!

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