Foster Process at Rural Animal Rescue Ef

Foster Process

Here's the process for fostering a dog or cat. By opening your home and your heart to a rescued animal in need, you'll be an important part of rescuing abused and neglected animals. 

Your time, your home, and your love are needed to help save more animals in need. We will provide all the food, supplies, and veterinary care. 

Please consider becoming a foster home for animals today!

Video:  What to Expect When Fostering

Foster Process at Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE)

Foster Process

Please complete our online application to become a foster. We will contact you with more details and try to match you to a pet that suits your lifestyle.

Foster A Dog

The most common reasons given for not fostering are "I could never give them up," "I'd get too attached," "I'd keep them all." But for most fosters seeing a dog find their perfect home is the reward.

Cute puppy
Foster a Cat at Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE)

Foster A Cat

Are you ready for kitten snuggles and endless antics? RARE provides all the supplies you will need to foster like litter box, food, vet care and you just supply the love and stability each cat needs to become a successful family member.

Hospice Foster

If you have an extra big heart and love for seniors or pets with untreatable illnesses, we would love to have you become a hospice foster. 


These wonderful people give old or sick animals a place to live out the rest of their days in peace. RARE will provide any needed vetting and supplies.

Hospice Foster at Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE)

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