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RARE Summer Fundraiser!

Updated: Jun 10

Our Annual Summer Fundraiser has started! 🥳☀️


We are trying to raise $7,500 this summer to help us with our rescue expenses. We have a lot of ways to give our dogs some summer fun between outings, toy enrichment, kiddie pool parties, and more!

To help us figure out which one to do first we decided we can make this fundraiser a little more fun by setting goals for each way we receive donations, direct website donations, Venmo, and on Instagram!

Each donation funnel will have a running total starting TODAY and we will be updating our Instagram stories every few days with running totals! The first donation funnel to reach $2,500 will choose our first summer added fun with our dogs!

Each time one of these donation milestones is reached we will reveal what the summer fun activity is and also, of course, we will make a post to share the summer fun with you! 😎

UPDATE 6/1 - We reached 1/3 of our summer goal already! Our dogs are going to be starting their summer fun with day out adventures!

Since we hit 1/3 of our goal so fast, instead of asking for the other 2/3 to come from Instagram and the website, we are going to let ANY donations through ANY funnel count towards the next milestone.

Once we reach the $5,000 mark, we will begin the next summer fun enrichment activity with the dogs!


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