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December Volunteer of the month (2020)

Our volunteer of the month is Robin Lapre! Robin is one amazing lady that has dedicated a HUGE amount of her free time to selflessly helping local shelters and rescues.

Robin also has a natural gift for recruiting volunteers and inspiring others to donate their time and other resources. She has been a big champion for our transport program and has recruited countless volunteers, in addition to giving a large amount of her own time and money.

She even went so far as to run a "Matching Monday" fundraiser for our transport program where she personally matched all donations in a 24 hour period. This one act of kindness raised right around $4,000 for our program in just one day.

When Robin's not volunteering you can find her fulfilling her other calling as a physician! We can't say enough about this wonderful lady which is why she's our volunteer of the month!

Thank you, Robin!


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