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Funds, Supplies, Etc

Get involved with helping animals

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Adopt or foster a dog or cat

Available Dogs & Cats

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Dogs and puppies, rescued by RARE and ready for adoption.

Cute Kittens


Cats and kittens, rescued by RARE and ready for adoption.

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Small Animals

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, rescued by RARE and ready for adoption.

RARE Adoption Process

How to Adopt

Details about adopting a dog, cat, or other animals from RARE.

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Featured pet


Maeve is RARE’s pet of the week! 💙

You might remember Maeve from a few weeks ago when we desperately asked for fosters for her and her seven (7!) puppies as they had run out of time at a rural shelter. Thanks to y’all, we were able to take all of them and they are now in fosters!

Since coming to RARE, Maeve has been loving the VIP life! She enjoys sunbathing outside, learning new things, playing through the fence with her neighbor dogs, and eating all the treats! She is truly the sweetest girl and greets her fosters with the cutest, tiniest little “howl” as if excitedly saying, “Hey! You’re here! I’m so happy to see you!” She can’t verbally express her gratitude for the second chance she got at life, but she communicates it in other ways through her gentle demeanor and unwavering love for humans. 

Are you looking for a sweet soul who will give you endless love and attention? Maeve is your girl! Fill out an adoption application at today!

Meet Our Community

As a part of our outreach in Tennessee, we come across lots of dogs and cats that need our help, but we are limited on space. Until we find fosters for them, we cannot do anything! On our rural shelter outreach on Thursday, June 6th, we met all of these animals that we hope to be able to help. If you are interested in helping, please fill out our foster form or donate today so we can continue to support our rural communities.

Even the smallest donation will continue to help us in our mission to save animals and provide support to underfunded rural shelters  with much needed supplies and training!

Animals Need Your Support Today!

Dogs for adoption and foster

Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE) is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization based in middle Tennessee with a mission to rescue neglected and abandoned animals in rural areas with extreme overpopulation of companion animals.

We accomplish our mission by :​​
  • Finding fosters and adopters in more populated/metropolitan areas
  • Providing spay/neuter assistance 
  • Transport - Working with rescue partners nationally in order to save a higher quantity of animals more rapidly than we can find fosters and adopters for locally
  • Providing education within communities and schools 
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