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Annual Food Drive

In need of dog food, puppy food and adult cat food.

Dog food. Cat food.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Between 20-30 rescued dogs and cats at any one time are cared for at RARE.

When it's time to eat, tails wag and hearts purr. Some of the animals that just arrived in our care haven't had a meal in days or weeks.

Recovering from abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Many of the animals at RARE have specialized diets set by the veterinarian. Specific dog or cat food, at specific times of day.

There are a lot of recovering animals that need a lot of food each day and the expenses add up.

All of these animals depend on your donation for their next meal.

Your support has never been needed more.

Make a tail wag or a heart purr.

You can also donate 30lbs of kibble directly to the animals in our care!

Your donation will be delivered directly to RARE via Nature's Select. This bag is deeply discounted so your donation goes further and this is a sales tax free item! Donate a bag of kibble.


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